About us - FusionCom
FusionCom est spécialisée dans la fibre optique, la câblodistribution et le câblage structuré Specialized in fibre optics, TV cabling and structured cabling
Prewiring, structured cabling, Alarm system wiring, Security system wiring, Camera system wiring, Fibre optics, Communications, Coaxial cable installation, Telephone wiring, Computer system wiring, Installation of telephone, television and/or Internet services, Network maintenance and upgrades, Fibre optic installation and fusion splicing, Installation of indoor cable networks, Installation of satellite television services, Installation of microwave technology, Assembly and disassembly of DMX towers
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About us

Logo FusionCom

FusionCom specializes in fibre optics, TV cabling and structured cabling.

We offer reliable, friendly and professional turnkey services in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Active listening is undoubtedly one of our greatest qualities. In our field, listening is vital if you want to provide superior-quality personalized service.


All our employees closely follow our pre-established procedures and, most importantly, meet the set deadlines. They are also careful to respect the work site, whether it is in a residence, office, factory or other. When our employees complete a project, rest assured that they will leave the work site in the same condition they found it.


Offer a service that combines quality,

transparency, commitment

and expertise.

Installation, technicien FusionCom

Our values

Our team commits to the following: respect of deadlines, close monitoring, professionalism and respect of the work site.


At FusionCom, quality is synonymous with a quick response, diligence and professionalism. Our employees are responsive and pride themselves on adding that special touch that makes all the difference.


In business, transparency is a must. Honesty and authenticity are assets we cultivate in our employees. Nothing is left to chance and everything that needs to be said is said. This way, there are never any grey areas when it comes to carrying out our work. In the end, it is our clients who benefit from this transparency.


At FusionCom, commitment is worth its weight in gold. Serving each client according to their specific needs and being present and available throughout every step of a project contribute to our solid reputation. Our deep sense of commitment leads us to surpass ourselves in order to achieve what is most important: making sure that every client is completely satisfied.


Expertise makes all the difference and allows us to take complete charge of your project. Rest easy knowing that we will take care of everything and that you are in good hands! At FusionCom, we are resourceful, self-reliant, meticulous and highly experienced in our field.

Contact us for an assessment of your project.